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A hopeful rest

Posted: August 17, 2010 in electrofeet

wrong tooth

Finding somewhere to sit. A result. Crowded footpath on garden furniture. Small courtyard table and a metal chair next to the urban pool. Coffee shop sounds on a crowded street. Starting to relax as my coffee arrives, no milk just a shot, opens my eyes. Looked around realised there was life, hope and despair all crashing around in individual dreams. Everyone different yet emotions the same. Mind blank, confusion. Now I need sleep. Got to find a bed or a hole in the ground. Somewhere safe, away from all the eyes.

are the books in the van

Mind blank. Frustration. I’m certain I’m the only one. Been wandering haven’t stopped for hours. Feet are aching and there’s a lump in my calf muscle. Feels like golf ball unraveling as the case slips down towards my heal. Must stop but I’m lost. Keep going, I’ll get there. The only problem? One of the problems. I have no idea what’s there. Hopeless.